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Hardware Hacking for Health Workshop - Nov 2016

"my challenge to you is to consider using hardware as well as software in (your) next project."

Cyan Collier, Innovation Director, Incuna

The first "Hardware Hacking for Health: A Beginner's Guide" workshop was held on the evening of 2nd November, generously facilitated by Cyan Collier and hosted at the fantastic new Incuna offices in Summertown. The evening started with a runthrough from Cyan about what hardware hacking is, how it is applicable to health, and why it's such a great time to be working (or tinkering!) in this field, summarised as:

  1. Wireless connections are now ubiquitous (wifi, bluetooth)
  2. The availability of cheap and reliable sensors
  3. The emergence of open source hardware
  4. Cheap manufacturing of hardware products, even in low volumne, including 3D printing

Cyan also lay down the challenge to everyone in the room to at least consider using hardware as well as software in their next project, before demo-ing the sensors that we were to be playing with, a digital pulse monitor, digital thermometer, Arduino, and breadboard.



Sensors and Arduino / breadboard used during the evening.

PDFs from the evening can be downloaded here:

Posted in Workshop on Nov 06, 2016