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UX and Co-design in Healthcare - 11 Oct 2016

Hi everyone,

Digital Health Oxford is hosting a joint event next week with UX Oxford on "UX and co-design in healthcare" (sign up to their Meetup page to keep up with the great monthly talks they have).

Join us on Tue 11th October at 7pm at the Old Fire Station for brilliant talks!

More information and sign up via Eventbrite.


Keynote: Tim Allan and Mat Johnston, NHS.UK

NHS.UK is designing a digital health and care service that better connects people to the information and services they need. The user is at the heart of everything they do. They are a relatively new team in the NHS, having just celebrated their first birthday, but are a growing team with over 25 people comprising designers, user researchers, clinicians, developers, product managers, strategy and platform experts. They are currently focusing on a number of areas, including transforming NHS Choices, designing Digital Service Standards, Registering with a GP and Managing Long-term Conditions.

Emilie Glazer and James Godwin, Ctrl Group

The team at Ctrl Group recently worked with the innovation charity Nesta to develop a platform for the Dementia Citizens project, designed to help people with dementia and those who care for them, using apps on smartphones and tablets. Ctrl Group is a team of designers, researchers, software developers and healthcare experts who work internationally with healthcare companies and providers who want to use new technology to improve people’s health. They create products and services that are effective, engaging and safe. They have worked with clients such as the Dept of Health, Nesta Health Lab, Cambridge Cognition and Open mHealth.

Lauren Morgan and Mariana Morris, OARS

Lauren is a Human Factors Scientist at Oxford University Hospitals Trust, and University of Oxford. Her work focusses on investigating how to make the care delivered in the NHS safer and more reliable. She has a background is in Human Factors/ergonomics, is based within the Quality, Reliability, Safety & Teamwork Unit at the Nuffield Dept of Surgical Sciences, and also set up and leads the Oxford University Hospitals technology usability forum. This projects was led by neurosurgeon Nick de Pennington, and was developed by the software company Oxford Computer Consultants (including Mariana Morris), working with Oxford University Hospitals Trust.

Joanne McEwan, Sarah Plant and Frances Place, Let's Talk FGM

Let's Talk FGM is an Oxford Health iPad app designed to facilitate discussions about female genital mutilation (FGM) between health professionals and the people they serve. The app was designed by Joanne McEwan, a public health nurse who regularly came across FGM survivors during her work as a health visitor in Oxford. The app has been developed by the Oxford-based digital agency White October (including Sarah Plant and Frances Place), and it includes soundbites of key information in five languages about the impact of FGM, why it happens, the law and how to protect children, as well as providing local support for survivors.

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Posted in Seminar on Oct 03, 2016