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Supporting Diversity - the Diversity Charter

You may have noticed the Diversity Charter logo on the Digital Health Oxford Meetup Page and here on the DHOx homepage. We've displayed this after signing up to the Diversity Charter, along with lots of other (predominantly tech-focused) communities, groups, businesses and individuals, including UX Oxford, White October Events, Digital Leeds, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Samsung, Government Digital Service, and Martha Lane Fox. As Emily Webber, the author of the original blog post that led to the Diversity Charter, says, 'having a broad range of people, experience and opinions represented, this means better conferences (Ed. or other events) for everyone'. Whilst we've tried to be inclusive and support diversity, of all types, in our activities, this isn't something we take lightly, and will strive to maintain and improve the awareness and accesibility of DHOx, how we support both our attendees and speakers, how we encourage new speakers and attendees, and by retaining a core philosophy that being inclusive is not only the right thing to do, but also the most beneficial for both the community and for individuals within the community.

Posted in Newsletter, General on Jan 20, 2017