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Newsletter - 13 Oct 2016

  • Wrap up from UX and Co-design in Healthcare
  • DHOx Workshop Series (starting 19th Oct) - First session: "Health Data in the Real World"
  • The Hill Pre-Incubator - Apply here (application deadline Sunday 16th Oct)

Wrap up from UX and Co-design in Healthcare

Many thanks to everyone for such a great turnout on Tuesday evening for the joint UX Oxford / DHOx event at the wonderful theatre in the Old Fire Station. Videos from the event will be ready in a few days, and I'd like to re-iterate thanks the UX Oxford team and community for another fantastic mashup event. For those of you who aren't yet a member of their community, they put on fantastic talks every month, from which I never failed to leave with excellent take-home messages. The focus is on User Experience, but the talks and topics are applicable across a wide range of different fields. Previous videos can be found at and sign up to their meetup group at As always, huge thanks go to our sponsors, Global Initiative, White October, Isansys, and Oxford Computer Consultants for making these events possible.

NHS Beta

As mentioned in Mat Johnson's talk, the NHS Beta team are looking for anyone involved in registering with a GP - that includes people who have recently gone through this or are about to, GPs, Practice managers, nurses, or anyone else. They'd love to hear from you, so get in touch at Follow the rest of the NHS Beta team at their excellent blog at Many of the team are also avid twitter users, and you can follow Mat Johnson at @demotive and Tim Allan at @thebottlerocket.


Ctrl-Group are currently hiring. Those at the talk will have heard about the fantastic Dementia Citizens project they've been working on, and you can see more of their work at and . The Dementia Citizens platform itself is found at and includes a form to sign up to their newsletter. The other project partners, Nesta (the innovation charity), have also written about the project - You can follow Emily Glazer at @eglazer, and James Godwin at @JamesGodwin.


To read more about the OARS project there is a lot of information on the OUH website - For something more focused on the design / build perspective, see Oxford Computer Consultants' blog post - You can follow the project on Twitter @oars_ouh, Mariana Morris, the UX lead is @MarianaMota, Nick de Pennington, surgical and project lead is @nick_de_p, and human factors scientist is @DrLaurenMorgan.

Let's Talk FGM

The Let's Talk FGM iPad app is now available to download on the App Store. If you've any comments or feedback, they'd love to hear from you at To read more, you can find information on the Oxford Health website, the White October project blog, or this article from the British Journal of Healthcare Computing. You can also follow White October project members France Place at @francessss, and Sarah Plant at @PlantSarah.

DHOx Workshop Series

We're launching a series of hands-on workshops which will focus on various aspects of digital health and be held over the next few months. The first of these is a session next Wed 19th Oct at 6pm on "Health Data in the Real World", run by Databasix at the John Radcliffe Hospital. It will be a fun and interactive session, providing an understanding the healthcare data landscape in the UK that will assist participants with their current/potential data projects/apps/research. It is aimed at anyone dealing with health data, including academics, clinicians, students, (software/database) engineers, entrepreneurs, administrators.

These workshops will be have limited spaces in order to maximise the benefit for participants, so sign up soon to not miss out. The next session booked in will be on Hardware Hacking, Wed 2nd November, learning to build your own hardware prototype in an evening. Further details and signup to be published soon.

TheHill Pre-Incubator

Following TheHill's pop-up events over the summer, TheHill is launching a pre-incubator program, to help evaluate and prepare ideas for the more substantive support that TheHill will put in place in early 2017.

This pre-incubator program will last 3 months and have 3 phases which will run alongside a the DHOx masterclasses. This program will offer personalised support and mentoring, is open to everyone, and is completely free. At the end of the program you can take your idea in whatever direction you wish, but hopefully you'll use what you've learned to apply to the full incubator program, which will be launched in the New Year. Signup closes at midnight on Sunday 16th October, and is through a short survey at If you've any questions, contact

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